Let's play golf in the dark!

Luminescent golf balls

They are available in all sorts and sizes. And with all sorts of shortcomings and minus points.

The innovative Lite-Golf golf ball does not have these shortcomings:
Finally a high quality golf ball suitable to play in twilight and night.

✔ The luminescent pigment in the surlyn layer is of high quality, suffices the highest standards and is also used in safety applications (no fuss with break sticks or activating LED lights).

✔ The golf ball produces 15 minutes of bright light and then slowly diminishes in brightness: but is still very visible. Enough to play out a complete hole. And enough time to find your golf ball during twilight! Do you want more light? Just pop it back in the charger for 10 seconds and the golf ball is fully charged.

✔ This 3-piece golf ball is made of such good quality that you can play at any time, or even play better; even during the day. It is soft enough to have control over your back spin and strong enough not to be broken. You will be surprised at the amazing distance this ball can go.

✔ The ball is produced with the best quality in a factory where leading brands are made. It is a state of art golf ball!

Pro’s love them!

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