Let's play golf in the dark!

Twilight Golf: Let’s wait for sunset!

When do you have time to golf?
Exactly: after work.

When is it pleasant in the summer on the golf course?
Exactly: at the end of the day.

‘Only it is too bad that it gets dark so early.’
This complaint is often heard.
But that is in the past!

With the luminescent golf balls you can play when you want.
It is fun to play in twilight or at night. The glow-in-the-dark golf balls have a very inspiring effect.

The Lite-Golf golf ball is of ‘top of the range’ quality. As good or even better than the normal quality golf ball.
Some people even choose to play with the Lite-Golf golf ball day and night.

More over the quality and everything about the special charger can be found here.

These luminescent golf balls allow golf centers to offer more playtime for golfers and organise unsurpassed events.

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